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Baldwin Elementary

Baldwin Elementary School

Baldwin Elementary PTO offers the MWSC School Kit program as a convenient option for busy families like yours to order their student’s school supplies for the school year. MWSC Kits include the brand name supplies approved by your school. Your student’s Kit order will be in their classroom before classes begin.

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This is a great service and a hidden gem in Brown County!

As grandparents , we help out with school supplies, and the shopping can be overwhelming at times! This was so easy, economical, fast, and very nice to have it delivered to the front door!!

MWSC made our school supply shopping a breeze!

They matched our daughter’s supply list with name brand products, cheaper than we could purchase them at the store. And the best part? The Kit was sitting on her desk at open house! Thank You!

MWSC has been a wonderful addition to our community

The organization helps needy students in our school district obtain the supplies they must have to get through the school year by donating their kits to our school.