Fresh New Profitable Easy Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for a fresh idea for this year’s fundraiser? You have come to the right place. We understand that every group is different, and we are here to listen to your goals and help you achieve them!

To increase the momentum of your fundraiser, we offer a program that sells itself. Every student in your school needs school supplies….which makes this a practical fundraiser – No more trying to get your friends & family to purchase something they will never use!

We offer 10% back on all Kits sold to your school the 1st year of participation & increase your earnings by 5% each year – up to 20%!

We like to keep fundraisers easy for the schools, clubs & organizations we work with & we follow these steps:

  • Reach Out – Reach out by email ( We enjoy talking to our clients!
  • Select Dates – Select dates for your fundraiser, including a date for Kit delivery to your school.
  • Master Supply List – We will need an updated school supply list that has been approved by your teachers.
  • Choose Sale Type – You know what works best with your school. We offer online or paper order forms (or both).
  • Share – Share the FREE flyers & social media marketing tools with your school community!
  • Delivery – You will see our smiling faces delivering your MWSC School Kits & your earnings $$$! (We will also enclose an itemization of your sale for full transparency.

Ready to kick-off your fundraiser? Simply connect with us by phone or email & we will provide you with a personal fundraising consultant that will walk through your profitable fundraiser.

This is a great service and a hidden gem in Brown County!

As grandparents , we help out with school supplies, and the shopping can be overwhelming at times! This was so easy, economical, fast, and very nice to have it delivered to the front door!!

MWSC made our school supply shopping a breeze!

They matched our daughter’s supply list with name brand products, cheaper than we could purchase them at the store. And the best part? The Kit was sitting on her desk at open house! Thank You!

MWSC has been a wonderful addition to our community

The organization helps needy students in our school district obtain the supplies they must have to get through the school year by donating their kits to our school.