Explaining Veterans Day to Your Children

Thank you to our Veterans

Explaining Veterans Day to Your Children

For children, especially the littles, Veterans Day may seen like just another day off from school.  My kiddos always knew the day was significant.  In part because their Grandpa John and Great Grandpas Charlie & Scotty all served their country.

Veterans Day Programs

Now, I cannot take all of the applause as our school district always made the day a part of the curriculum.  The Veterans Day Celebration was always a tear jerker for me.  From Pre-K through High School each student invited “their” Veteran to the program.  I’ve been to my share of these events over the years, the hallways were lined in red, white, & blue artwork for the visitors to enjoy.  Like so many events the gym was gloriously overcrowded & excessively noisy.  What set these events apart are children belting out patriotic music.  A tribute for Heroes.

A Teaching Moment

Teaching moments are all around us! In addition to looking at pictures or speaking directly to a Veteran, your children might find they are able to better understand the meaning of Veterans Day by one of these activities:

  • Age approprioate book.  
  • Draw or Color a picture of  our flag.
  • Discuss freedom

Take a moment today to share with your children how much you respect all service men & women for their sacrifices.

Happy Veteran’s Day – thank each of you for your service!




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