How to Help Your Kids Succeed in Hybrid & Remote Learning

Successful Hybrid Remote Leraning

How to Help Your Kids Succeed in Hybrid & Remote Learning

Okay, parents, we’re checking in: how are you holding up? We’re all reeling from the impact of COVID-19 and the new routines that come with it. Now we’re working from home or working with new policies in place, most of our favorite events are canceled or delayed, and most of all, our kids are adjusting to remote and hybrid learning.

As a parent I understand this is all overwhelming….for teachers too! They do a lot of heavy lifting, but they shouldn’t be left to shoulder the whole burden. Our kids depend on us to help guide them at home, too.

Our New Normal

Because we are here to make things easier, or to at least get you started in that direction, here are four ways to help your kids succeed in both hybrid and fully remote learning.

1. One Word: Structure

Everyone’s usual routines were disrupted when the pandemic hit. Establishing a new one quickly is the best thing your can do for your children.  Getting up at a consistent time on school days, eating a good breakfast, changing out of pajamas even if it’s an at-home day. And most of all, creating a designated space to get schoolwork done rather than letting them work in their beds or the family couch. The kitchen table makes a fantastic workspace; just make sure it’s a space for school stuff, not leisure stuff.

2.  Set Crystal-Clear Expectations

Whether your child is enrolled in a hybrid learning program or remote learning, it’s crucial to cover the expectations. For example, teaching your kids about social distancing and hand-washing at home and even practice wearing masks. That way, they’re prepared for a similar structure at school. If your kids are fully remote, check in with their progress often, and go over the schedule and routine for school days so that they’re aware of their responsibilities.

3.  Take Breaks!

Breaks are essential, especially for young learners! Computer screens are harsh on growing eyes, and growing bodies need movement to keep the wiggles at bay. Set timers throughout the school day so the kids can get up and take a short break between tasks. They can stretch, go for a walk around the block, or little ones might enjoy a dance party – maybe you will, too!

4.  Get the Supplies They Need

No matter what learning model your child is enrolled in, they need school supplies. Pencils, pens, notebooks, calculators, rulers – the list goes on and on!  Replacing those supplies should not be an inconvenience.  That is exactly why MWSC School Kits offers affordable, brand name options delivered to your home. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your child’s teachers or other parents, and don’t get discouraged.  You’re doing great!

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