Teaching Children About Memorial Day


Teaching Children About Memorial Day

Everyone loves Memorial Day weekend. For many it is a sign of the beginning of Summer and all that warm weather has to offer.  From backyard BBQ, Jeep rides, & trips to the Lake, Memorial Day weekend is a time for families & fun. Sure it can easily all feel like fun & games, (who doesn’t like a 3-day weekend off from school and work) but in reality it should be one of  our most humble holidays.

Celebrations began over 150 years ago as Decoration Day. Gaining it’s name in 1868, when the graves of fallen Cival War soldiers were decorated with both flowers and Flags. In 1967, the United States renamed the holiday to Memorial Day and a year later the last Monday of May was declared a United States holiday, turning the weekend into a three day celebration of Summer.

When teaching our children about Memorial Day we should keep things aged approriate.  Many of our local cemetaries host commorative events & are a great way to start the conversation.  This easily can turn into an honored family tradition. If your family does not like to battle crowds or if you have littles at home a simple craft or activity can also provide teaching moments.

Memorial Day should lessons should not be about the here and now, or what side of politics your views are.  It is about the men & women who lost their lives defending our country. However you spend your weekend with family, make precoious memories with those you hold close, & take some time to think about those who sacrificed their lives.


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