Easy Fundraising Ideas With High Profits

Easy Fundraising Ideas With High Profits

Easy Fundraising - Profitable Products People Actually Use

Easy Fundraising….doesn’t have to an oxymoron.

Fundraising Treasures

Because we are parents of 6 children we have peddled our share of treasures. If you look hard enough it is quite possible you could find many of them safely tucked away in the back of a closet or drawer!

Oh how I longed for the day just one of our brood would bring home an order form that didn’t include yet another book of trinkets that made pennies on the dollar.

Be the Change

For that reason we sat down and really listened to other parent groups we are involved in & decided to be the change.

  1. Be profitable for each organization wanting to raise funds for their special project.
  2. Offer products everyone will use!
  3. Keep it Simple.

Easy peasy right!?!?


Most importantly each of our MWSC Fundraisers are as different as the school or organization hosting them.  Therefore no cookie cutter fundraisers here!

If you are interested in hosting our profitable school kit fundraiser, just reach out by email (contact@mwsupplycentral.com). You will be assigned a personal fundraising representative to walk you through the simple steps to success!

P.S. Every student needs schoool supplies making this fundraiser a slam dunk!

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