A Simple Way To Save Money While School Supply Shopping

A Simple Way To Save Money While School Supply Shopping

Save Money

What household doesn’t want to save money? I know ours does. With several kiddos to take B2S shopping it is easy for our spending to spiral out of control. Buying for the new school year can easily get out of control causing havoc on the best household budgets.

 Tips & Tricks

One nifty trick I picked up on the way was how to fill two backpacks for under $32! Yes you read that correctly, a mere $16 per student.  One of our favorite items to purchase is a paper and pen filled Kit or bundle and split it among your children. How simple is that! This works particularly well for the middle to high school age students who lightly use their colored pencils, calculators & the like that can be used from year to year.

Another tip I like to share is to purchase the Kit and supply your student with a backpack filled with great items, keeping the remainder at home for midyear restocking. No more last minute trips during holiday break to replenish items your kiddo most likely forgot about.  Talk about being prepared!

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