What Do Parents, Students & Teachers Have To Say About – Back To School Shopping

Hear what Parents, Teachers & Students have to say about school supply kits - honest concerns and applause - MWSC School Supply Kits

What Do Parents, Students & Teachers Have To Say About – Back To School Shopping

Still enjoying your summer & not ready to fight the back to school shopping crowds? Let us help- MWSC School Kits

After celebrating the 4th with family & friends, Back to School shopping can’t be far behind. If your community is like ours many of the big box stores that once carried school supplies have closed leaving our shopping resources quite limited.

A recent trend that has popped up are School Supply Kits or Bundles. And like just about everything else in life some are good and others a sub par at best.  Being in the School Supply Kit Business it was apparent we need to homework to provide the best kits available.

We have heard so many positives, which we are truly grateful for.  However, it is the concerns that has helped us develop an outstanding product that resonates with parents, students & teachers alike!  We thought we would share the concerns that we hear the most in hopes it will allow you, our customers to know what others have experienced and what has worked and didn’t work with School Supply Kits.

Parent’s Concerns

Many of our customers are parents & grandparents. And as such they battle that inner demon that as parents, pulls at our  heartstrings. One thing to remember is this, there are so many items our kiddos need for school, let us help with the supplies, while you search for shoes, clothes & backpacks.  We are parents too, and taking  your kiddos shopping can be a big deal for a family, which we totally respect.

We tell our parents this: We are here to provide a service, to simplify your life and help de-stress back to school time!

Parent’s Applause

We have heard a HUGE sigh of relief from our parents!  Most being overextended on both time and money our MWSC School Kits have helped to fill in gaps so parents are not spending the last days of summer break frustrated and running from store to store, but instead spending it with their kiddos!

Teacher’s Concerns

Our teachers resonated one major concern, repeatedly. Quality, Quality, Quality!

We tell our teachers this: We provide name brand items. For example:  Elmer’s, Cra-z-art, Crayola & Fiskars. Following a teacher’s supply list exactly allows us to provide quality to our customers!

Teacher’s Applause

The teacher’s from all over the United States applaud our ability to do things right. Being able to consistently provide each student with quality products!  They also prefer having MWSC School Kits delivered to their classrooms in the weeks before school starts so that the first days of school are not spent gathering each student’s supplies, filling out notes to parents regarding missing supplies & the dreaded finding room for all of the paper towels – kleenex – wipes fiasco as 40 little eyes watch and become distracted.

Student’s Concerns

Our students range in age from Kindergarten to College bound. We have had some concerned about a particular color or style in their kits.

We tell our Students this: To change things up, colors may vary.  This is our way to make sure that not every bundle is the same!

Student’s Applause

No more “Littles” or Big Kids lugging not only their normal school supplies the first day of school- but numerous paper towel rolls, baby wipes, sanitizing wipes & hand sanitizer bottles!

They also do not experience the embarrassment of not having what they need!

The Trifecta

All of our customers: parents, teachers & students alike are concerned with cost. And we realize that pricing is a huge part of the decision making process when making a purchase!

We tell our customers this:  We price very competitively and we provide added value by:

  • Selecting only high quality & name brand items in our MWSC Kits
  • Our MWSC Kits are teacher tailored.
  • We offer FREE delivery to schools for those involved in our MWSC Kit Program.
  • Each MWSC Kit comes in a sturdy white mailer with a handle and an area for the student’s name, teacher name & grade.
  • Programs, Schools, and / or Groups can participate in our MWSC Kit Program and receive 5% back.
  • The MWSC Kit Program is a fantastic and EASY Fundraising Opportunity!

And did I mention MWSC School Kits are affordably priced? Our customer base consists of both new and repeat customers year after year!

Consistency You Can Rely On

Don’t just take our word for it! Ask your friends, family and social media contacts – MWSC School Kits is a product you can count on, getting EXACTLY what your student needs at a fantastic price!

MWSC School Supply Kits, keeping it simple for Parents, Students & Teachers!


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