You Only Get 18 Years to Make Summer Memories

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You Only Get 18 Years to Make Summer Memories


They say summer vacation is a time when parents realize that teachers are grossly underpaid…How True!

The majority of parents work from outside of the home. However, all work and no play makes for a lot of unhappy parents and littles – especially during those beautiful long summer days.

I think that it has become more apparent as my children have gotten older that time is slipping through my fingers like sand. It might simply be the onset of empty nest syndrome, but if I could give just one piece of advice to parents of school age children it is this, “You only get 18 summers to make memories”!

I am just as guilty as the rest of you. My favorite response to my children’s request has been, “in a minute”. It has become abundantly clear that I have since missed out on minutes that have accumulated into days, and most likely weeks.

So from this point forward I am making a conscientious decision to make the most of our time with our kiddos. And I would like to share of few of our realistic ideas with you!

Making Summer Memories

  1. Play outside…in the rain!!!  Splash in the puddles, make mud pies, get dirty…you will clean up!
  2. See a Hot Air Balloon show! Watch them light up a summer night’s skyline.
  3. Make pizza from scratch (or with canned biscuits).
  4. Talk to the elephants, the zebras & hippos too, go to the Zoo!
  5. Pack a picnic, eat in a park or your own back yard!
  6. Go to a demo derby…Crash!
  7. Go Fishing.
  8. Have a lego building competition.
  9. Play Croquet.
  10. Take photographs,Make memories to last a lifetime for all of you!


Both Take and Make Time to Smile

Life should be full of joy, both taking & making the time to create excitement and enjoy the simple things that make us smile, including your Summer Memories!

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