Build A School Fundraising Program You Can Be Proud Of!

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Build A School Fundraising Program You Can Be Proud Of!

Yes it is summertime, but in the blink of an eye it will be Back to School season.  Every parent out there knows that with the first days of school comes the frenzy of fundraising booklets, flyers & order forms.

Am I the only parent that has bought $15 wrapping paper or a pocket planner at the same price point just so my children meet their fundraising quota? I didn’t think so!

Raise your hand if you get excited when your kiddo brings home a fundraiser that has a selection of products you can actually use…like cookie dough….(insert fist pump)!

Building a Fundraising Program

So this summer why not build a sustainable fundraising program you can be proud of? This may seem like an unattainable goal, however take a step back and make a list of what a successful school fundraising program would look like. Most include a “Buy-In”, committees to brainstorm, plan & execute the idea, flyer & order form distribution, sales, collection of money & then the dreaded delivery of merchandise. Wow! That is not only overwhelming, but entirely too cumbersome!

What if we offered a fundraising opportunity thats products were needed every year by all households with school aged children? What would you say if we could take out all of the hassle & all your organization had to do was direct your customers to a user friendly website to place their orders. No order form distribution, collecting money or deliveries. I know…WOW!

Each household with children pre-k – college purchase school supplies every year! Our School Supply Kit Program offers a fundraising option. And did I mention it is SO SIMPLE?

We Like to Keep it Simple

From start to finish it would look like this:

  1. Your organization contacts Midwest Supply Central at with group name, contact information & date of fundraiser.
  2. We will share links that you can post on social media to drive sales & help your peeps answer any questions.
  3. Your customers place orders on our user friendly webpage under your sale id#.
  4. MWSC School Supply Kits packs the kits you sold.  Then they will be delivered to your school – or – directly to your customers doorstep!
  5. Most importantly after your sale closes, MWSC cuts a check for 5% of sales to your organization!       (First year participating – each year you sell we offer a higher % back!)

Midwest Supply Central, keeping it simple for Parents, Students & Teachers!

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