Listen To Your Teacher! Growing School Supply Lists

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Listen To Your Teacher! Growing School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists once created excitement, however more often than not it is a topic of great discord.

Anyone with a child at home knows exactly what I’m talking about. We have all heard parents complaining about their child’s lengthy supply lists. Too many Kleenex….who needs 24 pencils…..those pencils are so expensive….and why must all 24 be sharpened?

School Supply Lists

School Supply Lists are simply not a means of torture for parents.  But rather we are being taught a lesson in what our child needs to be successful throughout the school year!

A hot area for debate in our local school district is “why does any child need 24 pencils”.   So let’s make our teachers of years past proud with some basic math skills. The average school year is ~9 months / or 36 weeks long. That is a mere 1.5 pencils / week per student.  Now I have purchased hundreds, no make that thousands of pencils for our brood of 6 in their tenure of Elementary – High School years. Between the broken, lost, shared, borrowed, damaged…. well you get the idea!  Some students do well to hang on to one pair of tennis shoes all week long, let alone a small yellow wooden stick!

Similarly, we also purchase wipes, post its, kleenex and the works.  These are all items that allow our teachers to provide a learning environment for our kiddos.  With budgets that shrink with every year that passes, teachers need a hand. It should not come out of their hard earned paycheck to purchase tissues for every child! And I for one will gladly jump on board with sanitizing desks, chairs, etc from all the germs that grimy little hands pick up in a days time.

Furthermore, this is an area that mom may not always know best.  Teacher’s continue to learn and evolve in what our youth need to be productive.  Though many of us haven’t heard this in years, “Listen to your Teacher!”


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