School Supply Shopping Stress

MWSC School Supply Shopping Stress

School Supply Shopping Stress

As a kid I was always so excited to go Back to School shopping. The aisle that was lined with brightly colored notebooks, pens & pencils was my favorite. I would take home my carefully selected supplies and neatly place them in my backpack weeks before school was to start.

When our oldest was ready to make her first trek down the fancy notebook aisle I was overjoyed. She insisted on carrying her school supply list of 10 items in her chubby little hands. We were able to make our purchases and left the store hand in hand grinning ear to ear.

Strategic Shopping

Fast forward to present day…and six kids later back to school shopping is anything but simplistic! The lists have not only grown by leaps and bounds, but have also become quite detailed.  

I had no idea you needed to develop your own shopping strategy to make it through the overly crowded  aisles of fellow warriors (aka parents) shuffling their supply lists like Vegas card sharks. I chuckled as I saw some pacify their babies, while others chased toddlers.  Many were picking their battles wisely, looking exhausted as they began to realize how many extras were being tossed into their carts as needs by their older brood.

This was my third trip to our closest big box stores. I had located most of the items on my maiden and follow up trip. All I needed was a particular brand of pencil and a specific art supply. After consulted with store employees, attempted to dart between  customers & supplies that were being chucked into other carts, I called out defeat.

Knowing When To Admit Defeat

My child was that kid, the one who wouldn’t be  prepared the first day of school. The child that carried in Kleenex, wipes, ziplocs and the other numerous supplies on the supply list, but also the one who doesn’t have  the pencils or that art supply. I laughed out loud thinking to myself, I wonder if  she is going to get bonus points for the extra 10 fancy folders we picked up on our second trip to the stores or if anyone was using the gazillion extra colored pencils, pens, pencil pouches and notebooks we didn’t need but bought because we were “school supply shopping”!

And so we Midwest Supply Central began. To supply every student, Kindergarten – College with age appropriate School Supply Kits that give you the opportunity to simply select the Kit that matches your needs and we will have it delivered to your home.

  • No Searching
  • No More Multiple Trips
  • No Expense Buying Unneeded Items
  • No More Out Of Stock Items
  • No More Headaches

Keeping it Simple for Parents, Students & Teachers.


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