MWSC School Supply Kit Program

MWSC School Supply Kits
MWSC School Supply Shopping Stress

MWSC School Supply Kit Program

Midwest Supply Center School Supply Kits. Simplifying back to school shopping for parents, students & teachers!


Since launching our School Supply Kit Program we have been getting some great questions about who we are and what we do.  We like to be totally transparent & welcome questions, concerns, ideas as well as compliments!

MWSC was launched several years ago. In that timeframe we have grown by leaps & bounds and we have learned even more. Our mission is to help simplify people’s busy lives. Everyone is busy. Everyone craves more downtime to spend with family, friends or just quiet time to be with oneself.

My last trip to purchase school supplies turned into three.  As I left the stores without everything on my child’s supply list, realizing not only did I not have all supplies, but I had purchased extras we didn’t need. I had wasted time away from my family with each trip, not to mention the wear and tear on my car and my blood pressure. And after walking the aisles of four major department stores I knew I was not alone. Parents were shuffling all of their children’s school supply lists, while in super busy aisles, frustrated much like myself.  All in a daze watching their kiddos as they tossed items into the cart.  Others were waiting in longer than usual lines to checkout.

The Launch of MWSC School Supply Kit Program

Creating School Supply Kits tailored for students ranging from Kindergarten – College was the perfect solution.  We then expanded our reach by created additional MWSC Kits for several School Districts.  Working with teachers and administration we were able to create MWSC Kits specific to each teacher within the district that are updated every year & can be delivered to your child’s teacher the week before school starts!


Providing Value

We strive to provide value to our Parents, Teachers & Students in every kit that is purchased. Therefore we offer two options for delivery.  As part of the MWSC Kit Program, you may choose to have your kit delivered to your home or you may opt to have MWSC deliver to your school the week before classes start.

We believe that all relationships are a two way street. Following along those lines we have entered working arrangements with various School Districts and give back 5%  of the profits for all MWSC School Supply Kits that are purchased within the same district.

Is your school not currently participating in the School Supply Kit Program? No problem! You can select from ANY of the MWSC School Supply Kits, within ANY  category for purchase! Is your school interested in joining the program? Send us an email at and we will provide you with information to get started!


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